CPA Chartered Accountant for Payroll Management and Social Declarations in France

” The world is changing, my English speaking chartered accountant CPA in France is supporting me. ”

You want to find a chartered accounting firm to outsource all or part of your payslips, prepare employment contracts, establish social declarations, manage your employees and benefit from advice.

As a chartered accountant registered with the French Order of Chartered Accountants, we can intervene on a social assignment of payroll management and the establishment of expected monthly, quarterly and annual social declarations.

French payroll management by the English speaking CPA chartered accountant

As an English speaking chartered accountant, we help you establish the payslips of your employees in accordance with French labor law.
  • 1. Initial setup of your company

    The first step is to create your company in our software, identify the social organizations to which you must be affiliated (USSRAF, MSA, retirement, pension, health insurance …) depending on your collective agreement, the contribution rates to be applied, etc.

  • 2. Employees setup

    Each employee is then created from the information available in the signed employment contract accompanied by supporting documents (identity card, social security Vitale card, Navigo transport card or other, etc.). ; The pre-employment declaration (DPAE) should then be made.

  • 3. Preparation of French payslips each month

    Each month, we draw up payslips based on your instructions for the past month for each employee (paid leave taken, absences, bonuses, sales commissions, etc.).

  • 4. Event management and employee exit

    When an employee is ill or has a work accident, declarations must be made quickly by the employer. In addition, we can also prepare the end-of-contract documents for the exit of an employee.

  • 5. Payroll accounting entries

    Once the monthly pay is established, we prepare the payroll accounting entries in French GAAP, which may also include the provisions for paid leave necessary in the event of interim or end of year accounts.

French social declarations by the English speaking CPA chartered accountant

In parallel with payroll management, as an English speaking CPA chartered accountant, we assist you in declarations to social agencies depending on your situation and during administrative controls if you commission us for this, such as (non-exhaustive list):
  • 1. Nominative Social Declaration (DSN)

    Generalized since January 1, 2019, the French monthly DSN replaces all periodic declarations and various red tape addressed by employers to a diversity of actors : CPAM, Urssaf, Agirc-Arrco, complementary organizations, Employment Centre Pole emploi, tax centre, etc.

  • 2. Declaration Prior to Hiring (DPAE)

    As a replacement for the Single Declaration of Employment (DUE), the DPAE allows to make the necessary formalities in a single step with the URSSAF: declare the hiring of a future employee, request a medical examination to hire the employee for the compulsory legal medical visit, etc.

  • 3. Salary certificate and Declaration of work accident (AT)

    In the event of a professional or non-professional related illness, the employer is required to establish a salary certificate in order to be reimbursed the IJSS by the CPAM, with or without subrogation. In the case of an AT, the employer must report the accident within 48 hours to the CPAM.

  • 4. Apprenticeship Tax (TA)

    The apprenticeship tax (TA) is due by any business subject to income or corporate tax, regardless of its status. From the end of 2020, the annual tax is paid to a skills operator (Opco), with or without a down payment during the year depending on the number of employees.

  • 5. Contribution to Vocational Training (CFP)

    The CFP is collected with the Apprenticeship Tax in the Unique Contribution to Vocational Training and Work-study. Its amount owed is calculated on the gross annual payroll.

  • 6. Payroll tax (TS)

    The TS is due by employers based in France who are not subject to value added tax (VAT) on their entire turnover. It is calculated on the salary paid during the year by applying a progressive scale.

  • 7. Assistance during a control by the Administration (URSSAF, MSA...)

    If you assign us to do this, we will accompany you to the appointments and answer the various questions of the French Administration in case of control: URSSAF, Mutual Agricultural Social (MSA), etc.

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