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“The world is changing, my chartered accountant is supporting me.”


Hexaconto was founded by experienced tech-savvy CPA chartered accountants whose mission is to provide tailor-made support in your accounting, tax, social, legal and cash management.

We audit or advise you – entrepreneurs, managers, founders – throughout the life of your business, liberal profession, startup, services and industry SME-SMB, association, real estate SCI, LMNP/LMP furnished rental or French subsidiary of a foreign group.

Our experts have a combined multi-sector experience in accounting, auditing and management consulting. They have served more than 1,000 clients throughout their careers in France and internationally.


Our experts have an average experience of :
Chartered accounting and Tax - 15+ years
Social and Payroll management - 12+ years
Statutory Audit - 12+ years
Management consulting - 12+ years
Information system management - 10+ years


CPA chartered accountants practising in Paris and beyond its region, our mission is to support you every day in your business venture, by your side.

Creating, developing and managing your business require making structuring decisions at the right time for your operations, investments or financing.

As a matter of time, laws and regulations are constantly changing. It is our role to stay informed so we can help you properly evaluate your projects and take controlled risks.

This is why every entrepreneur and manager needs to be supported and advised by skilled professionals, to make the right decisions, anticipate and prevent crises or otherwise master the effects.

We also advise and support you in your projects of acquisition, sale, transformation or cessation, always in mutual trust.

Thanks to our organization, our mastery of English and the use of the right technologies, we carry out our engagements wherever you are, anywhere in France or abroad.

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Entrepreneurs / Executives / Founders of Hexaconto
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Depending on your special needs, we refer you to professional partners such as lawyers, insurance brokers, other accounting, audit or consulting firms experienced on specific issues, or advise you on IT solutions such as Sage, Receiptbank, etc.


Our general practice supports its clients in many sectors of the economy, on multiple liberal, commercial and associative activities in France and abroad.


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