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” The world is changing, my chartered accountant is supporting me. “

You want to find a chartered accountant in France to relieve yourself of the burden of the legal procedures related to the incorporation, modification or termination of your activity, or to carry out your annual general meeting procedures, and receive advice.

As a CPA chartered accountant registered with the French Order of Chartered Accountants, we can intervene on legal assignments as long as we accompany you on accounting or declarative and administrative support missions on a permanent or usual basis, depending on your needs.

Legal missions to support the creation of a business in France by the CPA chartered accountant

As a CPA chartered accountant, we are able to assist you in making clear choices and carry out your legal formalities for setting up a business in accordance with French corporate law.
  • 1. Help in choosing the appropriate company legal form in France

    Choosing the company legal form that is most suitable for your project in France is a crucial step and has many repercussions on the legal, fiscal, social, patrimonial level, etc.

  • 2. Drafting of the company statutes

    As a compulsory legal act, the articles of the company statutes are used to organize the functioning of the company by defining the rules that govern the relationship between partners and with third parties, with certain compulsory terms.

  • 3. Establishment of formalities for the incorporation of the company in France

    Once the legal form has been decided and the statutes have been drafted, the administrative and legal procedures must be carried out: Chamber of commerce, Chamber of Trades, legal announcement, filing with the Commercial Court and Registration.

  • 4. Complementary missions

    In addition to legal assignments, we are able to assist you in drawing a business plan, seeking funding, identifying possible aid, setting up and monitoring indicators, etc.

Annual general meeting and extraordinary legal services by the CPA chartered accountant in France

When your company is created, it must fulfill annual legal obligations for which we can assist you as a chartered accountant, as well as on extraordinary legal missions related to the modification of the company statutes, an acquisition, its sale or its termination.
  • 1. Annual legal secretariat in France

    To help you effectively organize the annual legal secretariat necessary for the legal form of the company: drafting deeds, monitoring the legal obligations of the company, meetings and general meetings, holding the legal secretariat and the resulting formalities.

  • 2. Statutory modifications

    Less common transactions and depending on the events in the life of the company: change of legal form, corporate name, transfer of headquarter address, change of directors and corporate officers, share transactions, etc.

  • 3. Company termination

    Whether the cessation of activity is temporary or permanent, we can assist you in drafting legal documents as well as carrying out the resulting formalities: dormant state, dissolution, liquidation, etc.

  • 4. Business acquisition or sale

    If you have a business acquisition project or, on the contrary, a sale of your business, we can assist you in the business valuation, acquisition or divestiture assistance including analysis of the impact in terms of personal taxation, etc.

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