CPA Chartered Accountant for Payroll Management and Social Declarations in France

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Business creator, manager, entrepreneur, founder, you are considering hiring an employee in France and want to know more about the costs that this represents, monthly or annually:

► Total labor cost spent by the company in France,

► Gross salary,

► Net salary,

► Net salary after income tax.

This online tool allows you to calculate each of these elements from a single entered amount, and to obtain a simulation of a French payslip.

You can also refine the results obtained according to the situation projected in France: type of contract (CDI, CDD, Internship, …), full-time or part-time job, overtime, collective agreement of the company, AT / MP rate, amount premiums, 13th month, employee’s age, date of hire, eligible aid, municipality, company workforce, VAT exemption applicable or not, rate of withholding tax, amount of restaurant vouchers, transport subscription, amount of benefits in kind, Young Innovative Company (JEI) status, complementary health benefits, etc.

Warning: This simulation, as precise as it seems to be, does not replace the opinion of a French CPA chartered accountant. Payroll in France is complex. There are numerous elements to be taken into account in relation to your particular situation in order to produce payslips, carry out monthly social declarations (DSN), complete certain legal registers, etc. Contact us to let us know about your project.

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