CPA chartered accountant for annual accounts and tax returns

” The world is changing, my chartered accountant is supporting me. ”

You want to find a CPA chartered accountant to outsource all or part of your bookkeeping, establish or have your profit & loss and balance sheet revised, optimize your taxes and benefit from advice.

As a CPA chartered accountant registered with the French Order of Chartered Accountants, we work on annual accounts presentation assignments as well as annual, quarterly or monthly tax returns as needed.

French annual accounts presentation by the CPA chartered accountant

As a chartered accoutant, we are able to assist you in establishing or revising your annual accounts in accordance with French accounting and tax laws.
  • 1. General or analytical bookkeeping

    The correct entry of your accounting documents is the first step: bank statements, sales invoices, purchase invoices, fixed assets and depreciation, salaries, earnings allocation, etc. Analytical bookkeeping can be implemented, by establishment, by activity, etc.

  • 2. Full accounts review along French GAAP

    In the case that your accounting department performs bookkeeping, we can review the annual accounts to correct them to meet French accounting and tax requirements.

  • 3. Preparation of annual accounts

    Once the accounts are reviewed, we then prepare the balance sheet, the profit and loss statement and the notes on the annual accounts that are appropriate for your activities.

  • 4. Declaration of the French tax return

    Once the annual accounts have been closed, we then prepare the tax return and declare it to the Tax Administration.

Tax and customs declarations by the CPA chartered accountant in France

In parallel with the closing of the annual accounts in French GAAP, as a CPA chartered accountant, we are able to assist you in the preparation and control with a view to making the appropriate declarations expected by the French tax administration or by the customs in France, such as (non-exhaustive list) :
  • 1. French Value Added Tax (VAT)

    Calculation of monthly, quarterly or annual VAT due (CA3, CA12), VAT declaration and payment, payment of VAT instalments, VAT payment plans request, request for VAT credit refund, completion of VAT checking, response to requests from the tax Administration (SIE), etc.

  • 2. French Corporate Tax (IS)

    Calculation of the French corporate tax due, identification of reinstalments and tax deductions, applicable tax reductions and credits, declaration and payment of company tax, payment of French corporation tax instalments, request for IS schedule, request for reimbursement of overpaid IS or IS credit, etc.

  • 3. French Declaration of Exchange of Goods (DEB)

    Monthly identification and declaration to the French customs of the goods exchanged with EU Member States – simplified or detailed declaration according to the thresholds applicable in case of introduction (intra-EU purchase or acquisition) or shipment (intra-community sale).

  • 4. French European Declaration of Services (DES)

    For services not included on the exemption list, identification and monthly declaration to the French customs of the services provided to professional clients located in the Member States of the European Union, from the first Euro.

  • 5. Contribution on the Added Value of French Companies (CVAE)

    As a component of the French Territorial Economic Contribution (CET) that replaced the professional tax, the CVAE is declared annually if the turnover (CA) is more than 152,500 Euros and is paid if the turnover is more than 500,000 Euros. Instalments may be due during the year.

  • 6. French Property Tax on Campanies (CFE)

    Another component of the French Territorial Economic Contribution (CET), the CFE is paid annually to the French Tax Administration. A down payment may be due during the year.

  • 7. French Payroll Tax (TS), etc.

    Due by employers who are not subject to VAT on their entire turnover (liberal professions, landowners…) : calculation of the Payroll Tax, declaration and payment at the periodicity expected by the French Tax Administration (monthly, quarterly or annual).

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